How to Download YouTube Videos on Windows PC

  • How to Download YouTube videos on Windows PC might be a hard task for you if you have no idea about the process of downloading. Here, I will guide you and teach you exactly how we download any of the favorite videos or Mp3 songs from YouTube.

  • ClipGrab is one of the multi-platform software where you can download any of your favorite or latest videos from the unique sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe, etc. The software works just fine as it is supporting in almost every platforms that include Linux OS, Windows OS, Mac OS, etc.

  • Features of ClipGrab

    • It is very simple to use to use and works very fast.
    • Using the software on your PC connecting with the internet connectivity, you will be able to
    Download any of the videos that are available YouTube or any other video content sites.
    • Convert the downloading videos into the format like HD, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, 3Gp, etc.
    • Download multiple number videos in a very impressive downloading speed.
    • ClibGrap is free from the pops ups of unwanted Ads and without any installer offers.

    How to download YouTube on your Windows PC using the ClibGrab?

    • First Step: At first download, the free ClipGrab latest version .exe file on your PC and install it by visiting its official site.
    • Second Step: Now launch the ClipGrab on your Windows PC and then type the name of the video in the search bar.
    • Third Step: Click on the selected video and copy the link of the video provided in the download tab address bar.
    • Fourth Step: Now choose the file format, quality and then click on the Grab this file options.
    • Fifth Step: Shortly the download process will begin and wait for till it gets completed.

    Final words:

  • I hope now you know the procedure very well on how to download YouTube Videos on Windows PC. ClipGrab enables you to download any video format and with amazing quality. The downloading process is very comfortable, well maintained and extremely fast speed of downloads. There is a lot of YouTube video downloader software perhaps it is one of the best among those available in the market. Start using the ClipGrab to download and make a collection of all types of videos from the popular sites that are available on Google.

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